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"Hooded Warrior" obverse side view: fine custom tactical, combat knife in ATS-34 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Black Palm Wood hardwood handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath
"Hooded Warrior"

The Top 22 reasons my knives are worth your money

Top twenty two reasons my knives are worth your money

There are thousands of knives to choose from in this world. Knives range from cheap imports to museum pieces, from hunting tools to combat weapons. This page was created to give you a quick insight into how my knives, craftsmanship, and art differs from the common fare, and what I have to offer my knife client and patron.

Knife making can be a versatile and challenging trade and art. The combination of tough, hard, modern high alloy tool steels with organics like wood, horn, bone, and ivory is a unique devotion. Add gemstone, leathers and exotics and skills like engraving, bronze casting, chemical etching, computer artwork and photography and you have a wide-ranging mix of pursuits. Knives, unlike jewelry, sculpture, and other static creations, are meant to not only be beautiful, unique, and stunning, but also be primarily a tool. First, the knife maker must learn to be a skilled tool maker before he can grow into an artist. Bringing all these professions together takes literally decades.

The list below does not encompass all the facets of my trade and skills, but will give you a good idea of why my knives are worth your money.

Reason 1: Real Knives for Real Tactical Combat Use

I make the real thing. I make authentic combat, tactical, CSAR, CQC, CQB, SERE, and other professional knives, weapons, and tools. I make knives for our nation's top military rescue service, United States Air Force Pararescue. I've also made professional tactical knives for various SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies including the FBI and DEA.  I make knives for professional police tactical and emergency response teams, hazardous materials teams, urban rescue groups, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal professionals. I make knives for the United States Army, the 101st Airborne, Special Forces, Army Intelligence, and Rangers. I make knives for Marines, SEAL Teams, and Principal Security Details in combat, in foreign lands. I make custom combat knives for the top counterterrorism units in the world, including the Israeli Defense Force/National Police Force YAMAM Units. I also make knives for the instructors of all of the above listed groups. These are real combat, rescue, and tactical knives, usually built with direct input from my professional and military professional clients, and have seen the exposures and actions of real combat and tactical responses. The same tough standards applied to these knives are applied to knives I make for the public, collectors, or other knife users. You can see the many types of tactical knives and literally hundreds of pages and information about the combat knives I make through my Tactical Knife Portal on this site.

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United States Air Force Pararescue "PJLighT" in engraved 440C high chromium stainless steel blade
USAF Pararescue "PJLT"

Reason 2: Sole Authorship of Knives and Accessories

I do all my own work using the finest high quality modern high-tech tool and die steels: stock removing, forging, cutting, grinding, shaping, drilling, milling, heat treating, and finishing by hand or machines offhand, that is, everything on my knives, including all fittings, handles, sheaths, all accessories, cases, and stands. I even hand-carve and hand-cast fittings and display components with lost wax casting in bronze and other metals. NOTHING is farmed out to other makers, companies, or entities. I start with a bar of fine, clean, modern tool steel, a chunk of wood, and a piece of rock and am responsible for the entire piece, from cutting edge to engraving, from the finish on the blade to the stitches on the sheath. Though there are some collaboratives on this website, if it has only my name on the blade, it is all my work. More details on the FAQ page.

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Reason 3: Heat Treating by the Knife Maker

I do all my own heat treating in my controlled environment, high accuracy, and inert gas rapid-ramp electric furnaces. My high-tech steel blades are treated in high purity conditions, just as the steel was manufactured and meant to be, and never exposed to harmful oxygen during heat treat which would cause decarburization, redistribution, or alteration of the originally designed alloy. When I heat treat your knife, you are assured of a proper stress-relieving pre-soak for the thickness and geometry of your blade. I also sub-zero quench, and/or use sophisticated cryogenic treatments and aging with thermal cycling specifically applied to each individual blade for the ultimate in performance of the steel. I then double or triple temper, assuring the correct balance and depth of hardness and toughness for each particular steel type. I  have the most advanced "T3" heat treatment process for high alloy, hypereutectoid stainless tool steels that there is, and it takes 33 steps and over a week long to accomplish. No one, no other knifemaker, no other knife manufacturer does this; they are limited by the cost and complexity of the process. Treatments like this produce the very finest condition of the alloy, with advanced micro-carbide development, maximum martensitic conversion, and the most stable, balanced, and high-strength condition of the steel possible. This means every blade will hve higher corrosion-resistance, higher strength, higher wear-resistance, and higher toughness than other lesser and common heat treating processes. Every single knife blade is tested in certified and validated apparatus for the correct condition for the application. The military, police, and professionals rely on my heat treating skills. All my knives have performed with outstanding results, and I've been doing this over 40 years. More about heat treating and cryogenic processing of knife blade steels here.

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Reason 4: Over A Dozen Different Steel Types

I work with over a dozen different steel types. I don't work with cheap, soft steels like 420 stainless, AEB-L, 1025, 5160, or plain carbon steels that are typically used by other makers to hand-forge or create inferior, cheap knives. Most of the steels I use can not be hand-forged; they are the finest modern high alloy hypereutectoid and stainless tool steels made. My clients demand the best and I'm constantly upgrading, testing and improving my blade performance as new steels are developed and become available. While some fittings, accessories, and art accents may be hand-forged, the steels I use for blades are isotropic, homogeneous, high alloy, high process quality steels that are used for the most demanding of industrial, military, and medical applications. Powder metal technology, high tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, chromium, and high carbon steels are typical players in my creations. They are, simply, the finest modern tool steels made, and that is why I use them. More about my blades on a dedicated page on knife blades, and my Heat Treating and Cryogenic Processing of Knife Blade Steels page.

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Reason 5: High Quality Grinds and Finish

I'm known by some of the best grinds and blade geometry in the business. My blades are accurate, precise, matched side to side, and most of them are mirror finished all by off-hand grinding. While other makers grind straight, flat, or use a jig, which can't compensate for the curvature of the blade profile leading to unnecessary thickness, my grinds are perpendicular to the cutting edge, and fine hand-control accommodates serrations, recurves, belly, and point geometries.  Most of my grinds are hollow, creating some of the thinnest, sharpest edges possible with the longest useable life of any blade grind.  I don’t hand-sand blades along their length (unless my client requests it), and I finish through 10 steps of grind, keeping accurate grind lines that are not washed over by too much buffing on a wheel. This result is some of the finest mirror finishes on any knife. On tactical models, some have a media-blasted finish to reduce glare, some are finished to 220 grit for a satin finish that the user is not afraid to scratch. Blades with serrations are extremely aggressive. I will put my blades against any other knifemaker's in the world for accuracy, finish, and quality. More on the Blades page.

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Reason 6: Hot Blued Knife Blades

I do all my own hot bluing. When I blue knife blades, I do a professional hot blue, both with sodium nitrate boiling caustic (black gun blue) and potassium nitrate molten salt (cobalt blue-vermilion-straw). I blue for 40-60 minutes, giving the deepest penetration of the tool steel for the best corrosion inhibition and dark or tactical appearance. This results in a deep, rich corrosion inhibition that can last many decades. I never cover blades with coatings or paints. More on the Blades page.

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Reason 7: Custom Etching

I have the highest resolution blade etching in the business. It took six years to develop and perfect my proprietary photo resolution process, with line resolutions at 1/100,000th of an inch. I can take nearly any artwork, detailed images, text and graphics and etch it permanently and deeply into the blade or metal components of sheaths, stands, or cases. I can customize any knife to any client's wishes and frequently personalize commemorative tactical and personal knives. More on the Embellishment page.

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Reason 8: Precious Metal Electroform

I have the highest resolution precious metal electroform in the business. I use the same proprietary process described above to electroform (heavy, thick metal electroplate) Yellow Gold, Green Gold, Rose Gold, Nickel, or Copper on to carbon steel and even stainless steel blades.

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Reason 9: Hand Engraving

I do all my own hand engraving. I engrave by hand in carbon steel, high chromium stainless steel, brass, nickel silver, and silver. The design characteristics and motifs will match the style of the knife, the piece will flow with the original artwork intent and flavor, since I am the only one making and engraving the knife. One of my favorite steels to engrave is 304 high chromium, high nickel austenitic stainless steel. Most engravers and makers would never touch this type of steel, it's simply too hard and tough to engrave. I like it because it's bold, zero care, and matches the beauty of the knife blade and will maintain its appearance indefinitely, without concern for rusting, pitting, or maintenance. This is, quite simply a zero-care fitting material that outlasts all others.  More on the Embellishment page.

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Reason 10: Computer Engraving

I do all my own high resolution computer engraving. On commemoratives, legends, flash plates and insignia, nothing matches the 1/10,000th of an inch microscopic resolution of computer engraving. I design with the client, do all the image digitizing and computer programming, setup, and execution right here in my studio, all for a reasonable price. The images are cut into the blade, handle, sheath or components with a diamond stylus, a diamond burnisher, or carbide cutters or burnishers. The cuts are clean, deep, and permanent. More on the Embellishment page.

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Reason 11: Gemstone Knife Handles

I make more gemstone-handled knives than any single knife maker in the world. I have been making gem handled knives for over 35 years, have made over two thousand. Half of my studio is geared for professional lapidary, with the capabilities of gem mosaic, inlay, gem engraving and carving. There simply is no other maker in the world who has made as many gemstone handled knives for as many years as I have, and gem is the longest lasting, most beautiful handle material known to man throughout history. See hundreds of pictures of my gemstone knife handles.

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Reason 12: All Real Gemstone

I use all real gemstone in my gem handled knives, not plastic rock, not stabilized resin material, no pretend rock, ever. Nothing matches God’s creation of rock and minerals, and stone does not fade, deteriorate, crack, check, or dry up. It has a similar thermal coefficient as steel (which is a refined mineral itself) and does not shrink, burn, melt, or soak up water, blood, or change dimensionally. The agates and jaspers I use are harder than the steel blade itself, and a gem like nephrite jade is nearly as tough. Gemstone is the ultimate natural material, and the gemstone handle will outlast even the best blades. Learn more about gemstone knife handles.

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Reason 13: Locking Military and Tactical Knife Sheaths

I make the best, toughest locking military tactical sheaths in the world.  United States Air Force Pararescue jumpers have had them strapped across their chests, upside down, while doing parachute jumps and rescues, often into the ocean. Army soldiers from field artillery to infantrymen wear these tactical knives on their body armor and gear. The world's top counterterrorism units including the Israeli Defense Force YAMAM units wear these in a wide variety of positions in multiple mission types. The knives will positively stay locked, in a waterproof, locking sheath with a handmade, multi-component stainless steel mechanisms fitted to each individual knife. The bodies of the sheath are double thickness kydex or co-extruded acrylic, built on a 5052H32 corrosion-resistant high-strength aluminum frame for strength and light weight. The sheaths are screwed together with .250" blued steel, stainless steel, or nickel plated steel screws. Some of the units are hybrid tension-locking, with controlled and regulated pressure to release the knives quickly. They are all equipped with reversible, high strength, corrosion resistant die-formed aluminum belt loops or anchor straps, and usually allow a variety of mounting options on either side of the body. They are the toughest sheaths made, suitable for full combat mounting and use. These are, simply, the finest tactical knife sheaths made in the world. I also make a substantial line of accessories for these sheaths, and continually add new features and options. Learn more about my locking and hybrid combat and tactical knife sheaths.

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Reason 14: Worthwhile and Useful Sheath Accessories

Custom locking knife sheath accessories can be essential. Critical to military, law enforcement, and counterterrorism operations are multiple accessories requested by my professional clients. So I construct incredibly tough, waterproof, and useful accessories for my fine locking combat and tactical knife sheaths including belt loop extenders for a variety of wear positions, sternum harnesses for inverted wear across the chest, and include nested and reliable diamond pad sharpeners and even fire starters for the package. I make the only combat-durable tactical flashlight holders which are infinitely adjustable in aim and accommodate numerous wear options on and off the sheath. All of the accessory parts are extremely durable, with most fittings and mechanical parts made of 304 high chromium, high nickel stainless steel. All critical parts are welded in a high purity process, all fasteners are stainless steel and extremely tough. Each accessory is custom made for the knife sheath and owner's unique needs.

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Reason 15: Custom and Handmade Knife Sheaths

I do all my own leatherwork. I use real exotic sheath inlays on my fine leather sheaths. Other maker's sheaths are often made of 5-6 oz. leather; mine are hand-tooled out of 9-10 oz. shoulder (twice as thick as most other knife sheaths), and usually hand-stitched with 100% polyester sinew or nylon, the toughest binders on the market. I build the sheaths to be as durable as possible in order to help them last for generations. My artwork is unique; I do multiple piece inlays, carving, lacing, tooling, hand-dying, and embroidering, and all my sheaths are finished and sealed. The artistic motif and quality of the sheath will be commensurate with the quality of the knife, and you can be as proud of the sheath as you are of the knife. The inclusion of a fine sheath made by the knife maker adds to the overall investment value of the knife as well as longevity and usefulness. Learn more about my knife sheaths.

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Reason 16: Knife Stands, Cases, and Displays

I make all my own knife stands, cases and display components. With my art knives, the stand or case will be commensurate with the quality of the knife, with the same care and attention to detail as the knife. I consider fine knife stands and cases essential to my trade craft, and artistically sculpt, carve, and create each individual display to enhance and compliment your investment. Exotic and domestic woods exhibit professional joinery and the materials are finely finished and beautiful. I even do my own sculpting and carving of wax models and them cast them in bronze with my onsite foundry. Learn more about my knife stands, cases, and displays.

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Reason 17: Knife Photography, Records, and Website

I do all my own photography and website. So I have available an immense photo archive of my work, probably larger than any other knifemaker. On this site there are over 15,000 pictures of my work on over 500 pages, including over 500 individual custom knife patterns! This allows you to see hundreds of other styles, models and individual knives I've made, mixing attributes to design the knife you want. Comparing photos, you also know you’re in good company for investment purposes. You can trace the knives in my career, and that contributes to the investment value of your knife. Additional photographs of your knife may be available, and I maintain a detailed multi-disc CD-ROM and DVD archive of my work with huge photos in high resolution. All of the information, text, and photographs are regularly copyrighted in the Library of Congress. This website is my complete creation, with hundreds of pages, detailed topics and discussions, hundreds of defined knife terms and knife anatomy descriptions, and thousands of illustrations and photos, and is simply the best single knifemaker website in the world. This is my service and commitment to our industry and field. Learn more about my photography, background, and history.

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Reason 18: Hundreds of Patterns and Styles

I have over 500 different and distinctive knife patterns and styles available. I am not locked in to just a few types of knife, and the variety of designs gives me great experience in versatility. I'm a true custom maker; I work with clients to make them the knife they want, if it is within my scope of work and interest. See my hundreds of patterns.

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Reason 19: True Custom Knives

I am a true custom maker. I work with clients to create for them their dream knife, whether for investment, display, for field dressing big game, for lifesaving tactical work, or for military combat and counterterrorism weapons use. My professional and astute clients may submit drawings, ideas, and input, or they may simply recommend ideas and I  make their knives to order. Learn more about true custom knives.

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Reason 20: Versatility

No job is too big or unusual. I have a 9 foot tall Partizan in the Tower of London; I’ve made knife sculptures that weigh in excess of 400 pounds and have taken a year and a half to build. I perform custom wax carving and casting, welding in all forms, sculpting and design. I've worked with just about every material one can imagine on handmade and custom knives, swords, sculpture and artwork. See some of my museum pieces, investment knives and swords.

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Reason 21: Guarantee

I guarantee my workmanship for my lifetime. While no one can guarantee a knife against neglect or abuse, and nothing is unbreakable, I fully stand behind my workmanship, methods and execution of my pieces for as long as I am physically able. Read about my knife sales policy.

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Reason 22: Investment, Appreciation

All my knives appreciate in value over the years if properly maintained, and will probably continue to appreciate. The value of an investment knife is directly associated with the maker's ability, longevity, reputation, and clients. You can see on this site that you're in good company with a Jay Fisher custom knife. I've been making knives for over 35 years, professionally and full time for over 25 years. This is my full time job, my chosen profession, and how I derive all my income. I've made thousands of knives, my name and reputation are well established in this field, and accompany each piece. Learn about investment knife value on my FAQ page.

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