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"Sanchez" chef's knife in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Lapis Lazuli gemstone handle, courbaril (Jatoba) exotic hardwood, Poplar hardwood, black galaxy granite base
"Sanchez" Chef's Knife with Lapis Lazuli Handle

Current Knives For Sale

I am committed to making completely and clearly the best knives in the world.

--Jay Fisher


Includes Working, Hunting, Collector's Handmade Knives by Jay Fisher

Knives Available for Immediate delivery!

Welcome to my Current Knives for Sale page. On this page, you will see photographs and links to pages of some of my knives currently available for purchase. On the individual pages linked at each knife, you'll see plenty of photographs of the knife and sheath, case, or stand, with detailed specifications, materials, and description of the inspiration and features of the knives along with the price.

On this page, you'll also see a few testimonials submitted by my clients. I'm honored to have the clients I do; they are the reason I continue to do what I love: make unique and original knives. For more testimonials and evaluations, please take a look at my Testimonials page.

Typically, I do not have a large amount of knives in my inventory available for sale. People have asked why I make inventory knives at all since I have so many custom orders. For every custom ordered knife I complete, I try to complete one inventory knife. This way, I create the type of knife I want alongside the type of knife my client wants. For several years, I've tried to maintain this one-to-one ratio of completed knives. This allows my creativity to grow, and allows me to make and offer to the public new and exciting designs, materials, finishes, embellishments, and accessories that would not ordinarily occur to the custom knife client.

Please visit back often, as new models come up frequently.

Thanks for being here!

"You know, I never believed in decorous weapons until I met Jay Fisher. Where does one draw the line between a fighting knife and a work of art?

Jay Fisher is a throwback to the age when craftsmen were *all* artists, not mere producers of products, when every item that went out the door had a story and a purpose all its own, and when you went to a craftsman not because of what you wanted but because of who he was.

Jay is a guy who knows how to use the modern to serve the past. We really do make better steel today than we did a hundred years ago - the idea of cutting an ancient Samurai sword in two with a modern American knife does have its attractions - and the blend of old and new in his work is totally seamless. A knight Templar would not have hesitated a moment to take Fisher's steel on his Holy Quest. In fact, he would have thought the technological edge a gift from an especially attentive God.

I suppose that says it all. Jay Fisher is one of a kind, a man who knows the riddle of steel, and that the difference between a good weapon and a bad one is the combination of how you make it and to whom you give it."

--Worldwide best selling author Tom Clancy

Sorry, sold out again, but I do this for a living and more great knives are being made and will available here soon!

Hi, Jay.
My knife came yesterday and all I can say is Wow. This is easily the nicest knife that I have ever held. The design is well thought out down to the smallest details and is exactly what I was looking for. Very ergonomic, capable of just about anything I would need a knife for and a formidable weapon for self defense. The craftsmanship is Incredible. The symmetry of the blade and the fineness of the edge are magnificent. The mirror polish is just like looking in the mirror. And it has the kind of balance that makes it want to be in your hand. I really like both sheaths and your tactical sheaths is far nicer than any that I have seen. I could go on and on. I'm moving to 30 acres In Colorado in about 4 months so I wanted a nice knife to carry out there and this one got the job. I plan on keeping this knife until I'm old and giving it to a younger person in my family.
I feel like I got a very good deal from you as far as pricing, it could have cost much more and I would still have been happy. It is a privilege and honor to own this knife and I am deeply grateful to have been allowed to get it.
You will probably hear from me in a year or so and I will order a investment/display knife so that I have a mint condition piece from you as I am now a big fan of your work.
Thank you.

M. D.

We just got back (took a little side trip) and I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the tour of your shop. Very impressive. I really enjoyed learning about your experiences with the internet and plan to follow through on your advice.

You know… as I was going down to visit you, I was a little concerned I’d oversold myself on your knives. Once I saw them, it was just the opposite. They are even better in person. It is hard to explain. Even though I had seen them on your web and looked at the measurements, I expected a more massive, heavy feel to the knives. Instead I was treated to a refined, polished, mature, highly develop product. Most knives I want to “grab” and see how they function. But, yours I pick up with a sense of awe. It is like picking up family heirloom china, certainly not because I’m afraid of breaking it, but it is almost a sense of reverence and respect. I want to turn it over in my hands and absorb it. You are an artist and your knives your canvas.

--C. Kramer

I received Gemini today. It's incredibly beautiful! The pictures didn't do it justice at all. The file work is impeccable, the style of the blade is perfectly curved, and the Siberian jade handle is shockingly green. The knife seems to have been made for my hand. I am pleased I made the decision to buy it. It will become an heirloom to be passed down for generations. Thanks for all your fine work.
Most sincerely,

--J. H. Arnold

Hi Jay you did it again WOW !!!!! I love the way you matched all the patterns & colors with the patterns in the steel, Incredible !!!! I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. another fine piece to our collection.


Hi Jay.
I just received the Tribal Helhor and unpackaged it. I'm at a loss of words. I absolutely love it with all my heart. The knife is gorgeous, it feels so good in my hands. I love the tribal engraving and the Pilbara Picasso Jasper compliments the wood tones of the stand and sheath. The sheath and stand are a work of art alone, but all three put the entire piece together as a whole.
It's better then I could have ever imagined. I love it, love it, love it.
I'm going to cherish it for the rest of my life.

Sincerely, R. S.

Jay, I received the knife yesterday and boy was I impressed with the quality and workmanship of the knife. The file work is incredible and the knife feels just right in my hand. The picture on your website does not do the knife justice. Thanks again for all your work and I'm sure I'll be buying another knife from you soon.


I just received the Blackwater in the mail and I am truly astounded. Every aspect, tip to tang, is the work of a true craftsman. The photo was basically useless as a judge of the work, none of the details are fully expressed. The amazing geometry, the beautiful engraving, the complexities in the handle, the lines and the edge... oh boy. You realized that a knife is the whole package and you took time to perfect EVERY aspect. NO weak points, which is very rare on a knife as there will always be one thing I'm not satisfied with. What impressed me the most was the PERFECT balance. I have used thousands and own almost a hundred (from $4000 damascus folders to production neck knives) and I can say without question that this is the most balanced knife I have ever, ever had the pleasure to handle. It glides through the air like water. Beyond description. I can only dream of what a Katan by you would feel like. Add in the fantastic sheath and it is the best bargain on a knife I have ever bought. Jay thanks again, and from my son whom I'll no doubt pass this on too.

--A. D.

They've just arrived. These things are gorgeous!!!! I think perhaps you've outdone yourself this time. I'll let you know how they're received by my wife........I'm sure that she'll be as stunned as I am. Gobsmacked is the term that leaps to mind. Thank you for your superb efforts.


Jay, the one thing you still can't get off of the internet is the way a knife feels. I wish anyone thinking of buying a Jay Fisher knife could hold Eridanus in their hands for just a few moments. Then there would be no doubt that buying a knife from Jay is the right thing to do. I've bought some other blades of the internet that photographed well, but when you got hold of them, they didn't feel or handle like much. Eridanus just feels like it belongs in your hand. You can get a knife anywhere, but this is a work of art.
Thanks Jay.
Oh and by the way the sheath alone is worth the price.

--Rick Stuart

I served my apprenticeship as a tool maker (7yrs) which included a year or two of Metallurgy, but after 20yrs I believe I know craftsmanship when I see it . The quality of your production is rarely seen these day and way beyond what I have seen produced in the UK, it’s the combination of the design and finish that I haven’t seen.. I hasten to add that there are some very good cutlers but the designs are limited .. even made a couple myself but don’t have the “eye” for it. I don’t see it as flattery more a positive critique based on observation... just don’t put the price up as a result!!

Steve W.

I have been remiss in that I have not let you know how pleased we are with the knife you made for my wife. You did a beautiful job on it an she is very pleased. My daughters think it is lovely as well -- my oldest asked me how old I was when I got my first knife so I think she is angling for one of her own.
Thank you again. It was a pleasure working with you.


Dear Jay:
Perfect! And that is all I’ll say. I could say perfectly balanced, magnificent, beautiful, incredible file work, professionally executed, flawlessly finished masterpiece with the most beautiful handle I have ever seen on any knife period – but I think I will just stick with Perfect!


Jay, the knife is gorgeous! I wish I had begun order the custom knives years ago when I really had the cash for something completely elaborate. The orbicular jasper is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I enjoy the feel of the file work. I can’t wait to use it in the kitchen; the balance is incredible—I’ve never held a custom knife and I know it will be a pleasure to use. Thanks so much!

--C. W.

Argiope is a remarkable weapon. When I first saw it on your web site I knew that I would like the radical orientation of the blade to the hand. But that did not prepare me for the feel of the knife. It fits perfectly into my grip. It feels like an extension of my arm. I am not an expert, but I have handled a fair number of knives and swords. I believe this is only the second time I’ve held one that is truly balanced, but it goes beyond that. The beauty of the weapon, the way it meets the hand, and the balance, are all part of something more. It’s almost as if it has a soul. That must be why it has a name. I own other weapons, and I have always sought quality. Argiope, however, owns me. I’m just it’s keeper for a time.
Thanks doesn’t cover it,

--P. F.

P.S. I’ll have another order for you shortly.

Any serious knife combatant or collector who hasn't experienced Jay's quality really doesn't know how good a knife can be. It's beyond precision, the finest materials, or even art. Jay has a quality that is unique in the world: a sense for perfection in application, as well as beauty. When you feel the balance, you'll never want to go back to any other, but when you see the look, you'll want to put it in a jewel case! What a great conundrum.

-Tom and Joe, your BladeCombat team.

I wanted to send you a short note to let you know just how much I am enjoying and owning the fine Muleshoe knife you made. It embodies the practical and the artistic brought together seamlessly by your marvelous craftsmanship. I look forward to using it for many years to come. Clearly a knife designed for use, it is also stylistically and elementally a true New Mexican knife. I really do appreciate it. Thank you again for coming up with a useful tool that is so beautifully evocative of the place I call home. I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and I hope you keep making knives for a long long time to come.
All my best,


Hi Jay!
Absolutely GORGEOUS knife, Jay! The finishing looks superb! Can´t wait to get it to my hand, hope I dare to use it and not just hold it in safe ;)
Best wishes,


Dear Jay:
Yesterday I came home after a long day at work and was pleasantly surprised to see a box from you. That was fast, efficient service! When I opened the box I was blown away. Your knife was everything you said and more. It was not only beautifully made, comfortable to hold, magnificent to look at and sharp enough to cut a whisper, it was also well balanced and unlike most fine artwork which you are terrified to touch for fear that you might damage it, totally tangible. There is nothing like steel and stone for a combination. It feels better than any other knife I own and I have knives from many other great masters, Ray Beers, Reese Weiland and many more. I am not disparaging their work, they are masters and I will never trade or sell their work, but your knife gave me a totally different feeling. I have decided to try to buy one to two of your knives exclusively for the next couple years (depending on what I can talk you into).


My fiancé gave me the knife Tusas as a gift, and it is even more beautiful than it looked in the pictures. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless, and it is obvious that it is of the highest quality with just a glance. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing, from the filework, to the finishing, to the engraving. It arrived very quickly, he tells me, and we are both extremely pleased.
Thanks so much!


Hi Jay,
I picked up the knife yesterday, I amazed at how light and well-balanced it is, the knife feels so good in my hand I love it!! The Jasper gemstone is very beautiful and feels so smooth, but my favorite part is the way the file work starts on top and ends at the back of the choil. I am already thinking of the next knife to go along with this one, I saw on the CD you sent a chefs knife set hmmmmmmmm, that 10 inch chefs knife looks pretty appealing, do you make knives on request? I am really happy with my new knife and want to thank you for your wonderful work.
Thank you very much.


Jay, what a truly incredible knife…!
Every knife I get from you is simply a pure work of art. People say that about the software I write but in my case it can’t be held in your hand, admired for the fine creative lines of the scroll work, hefted in the hand for the joy of fine balance you have achieved or passed among friends for the look of awe and admiration it evokes. You are a true master.

--Jerry M. Karnes, Houston, Texas

I received it Sat. It is a magnificent piece of workmanship. The engraving on the blade is fantastic. The creative talons of ivory are a unique touch. The stonework is such as I have never seen. Very original. Thanks so much. It is sharp too! It must be very gratifying to be able to make a living from a craft you love. Thinking about another idea for a working knife…I’ll let you know.


The POLARIS arrived today. It is a gorgeous strong knife that I am sure will serve me well for my life time and it is something I'll be able to pass on to one of my boys. Thanks for your artistry and skill in making it. I will treasure it. I have not had time to view your DVD catalog yet, but intend to. I am sure you will hear form me in the future.

--Bill Lynch

Jay, I bought the small Nihal with the jasper handle and my name engraved on the blade. My purpose for the knife was as a deer cleaning blade for internal work where a larger hunting knife just doesn’t work very well. I am pleased to report that this fine example of your art is exactly what I needed. It is incredibly sharp and even bone doesn’t dull the blade. When not in use in the field it sits on my desk as a letter opener. It is one of the finer possessions a man can treasure for his lifetime and then pass on to many future generations…knowing they will treasure it equally as well.
Thank You,

--J. Karnes

I'm really sorry it took so long to get back to you on the knife but I was waiting for my friends reaction. They absolutely loved it and it's on display on their coffee table for everyone to see. It was perfect thank you so much for all you did for me and my friends. I will most definitely keep you in mind the next time I purchase another knife and/or dagger. Thanks again!!


WOW so light and strong. The polishing at the bolster tang junction is as if it were one piece of metal!. The balance is fantastic…Great Job..I will enjoy it immensely.


Hello Jay,
It was a pleasure actually talking to you on the phone. I received my Mirach knife the other day, it is everything you claim and much more. The detail and craftsmanship is truly amazing. The file work on the spine was a very nice surprise. Something i didn't expect. Well, thank you again for a superb work of ART.


Jay I received the knife Friday, however was out of the office. Looks GREAT. Everyone says WOW!
Thank you for an outstanding job.........I'll be in touch


Jay, I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful dagger. It is truly perfect. I'm extremely happy with it. thanks


For more testimonials and evaluations, please take a look at my Letters, Emails, and Testimonials page.
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