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"Kadi" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel  bolsters, Sodalite gemstone handle, leather sheath inlaid with black rayskin

"Ari B'Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Knife

"Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, obverse side view in ATS-34 high molybdenum-chromium martensitic stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, black G10 composite handle, hybrid tension-locking sheath in kydex, anodized black aluminum alloy, titanium, blackened stainless steel fasteners, anodized hardware and mounts, HULA with MagTac flashlight, LIMA with Maglite LED Solitaire, Ultimate belt loop extender with diamond pad sharpener
"Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, full compliment of gear and accessories inlcuding hybrid tension-locking sheath, leather hand-tooled sheath, UBLX, LIMA, HULA, and Sternum Harness Plus with horizontal, vertical belt clamp options, belt loop options, blackend fasteners, lanyards, accessories and mounting tools
Custom "Ari B'Lilah" Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife
  • Size: Length overall: 12.25" (31.1 cm), Blade Length: 6.0" (15.2 cm), Thickness: .237" (6.0 mm)
  • Weight: Knife: 1 lb., 3.0 oz. (539 grams), Sheath (with HULA, LIMA accessories and UBLX belt loop extender: 1 lb. 9 oz. (709 grams)
  • Blade: ATS-34 High Molybdenum Martensitic Stainless Tool Steel, Hardened and Tempered to Rockwell C61, Media Blasted
  • Bolsters: 304 High Nickel, High Chromium Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Handle: G10 Fiberglass/Epoxy Composite Laminate
  • Sheath 1: Hybrid Tension-Locking in Black Kydex, Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Blackened Stainless Steel, Anodized Titanium
  • Sheath 2: Hand-tooled 9-10 oz. Leather Shoulder
  • Knife: "Ari" is the Hebrew word for lion, and the lion is the sign of the tribe of Judah and Jerusalem and is even called the Lion of God. Made for day and particularly critical night operations, this knife is Ari B'Lilah (lion by night). This is a knife custom made the most serious of action. The original Ari B'Lilah was designed with and for a top Israeli YAMAM counterterrorism unit. Using their direct input and feedback, I've developed a series of knives specifically designed for tactical combat and defense in the field of counterterrorism. It's a great honor to have the input, guidance, and direction of these professionals, widely considered the most elite and effective counterterrorism unit in the world. They requested a series of extremely efficient, well-designed and constructed, lethal combat knives with some special features, built to the highest standards in the world: what I'm known for in tactical combat knives, sheaths, and accessories.
    In this custom Ari B'Lilah, I made the blade of ATS-34, a high molybdenum and high chromium martensitic stainless tool steel, chosen for its extreme toughness and wear resistance, high durability, and high temperature resistance. The blade of the Ari B'Lilah is double-edged and hollow ground; the main cutting edge is hollow ground with a 3" diameter wheel and the top edge with serrations is hollow ground with a 3" diameter wheel. This is an extremely difficult grind profile, and the purpose is to create two complimentary edges, both yielding extremely thin and razor keen edges with a high longevity while preserving a good cross-sectional thickness of center spine to support thrusting and the point. The point of this knife is critically strong; it is a very ancient design called "armor piercing." This is not for piercing today's armor, but for piercing chain mail of old: interlocking metal rings woven into a tough mesh. This is the strongest possible point that will still offer extremely sharp and lethal penetrating potential, resisting any tough or hard materials such a thrust could encounter without breaking. The point is carefully hand-ground at the maximum edge angle (25 degrees) possible that can still provide a keen and slicing single-bevel cutting edge. The geometry of the point is a solid "diamond" (in cross section), as tough and lethal as a knife point can possibly be. The point is created by an interrupted hollow grind; the transition to strong point is well-matched and supported by the full thickness spine running down the center of the blade. The main non-serrated cutting edge is thin and keen; the top edge is designed with my Hammerhead serrations, which are extremely tough and aggressive, with reduced snagging and wide transitions between concavities and segmented edges. The blade is hardened and tempered to RC61 for incredible hardness and wear resistance, and high toughness (resistance to breakage). The grinds on the blade are accurate, sweeping, and with nicely radiused grind terminations for great transfer of energy without stressing the blade-to-handle ricasso area while a very long supportive spine runs the length of the blade. The ricasso is kept very short, and is heavily reinforced with a substantial front bolster, sculpted, rounded, contoured, and finished in 304 stainless steel. This is the same steel used to make tough nuts, bolts, and fasteners; it's an austenitic stainless steel high in nickel and chromium, and is a zero-care stainless steel. The front bolster is contoured around a 1" (2.54 cm) diameter forward finger ring, which is rounded and radiused for comfort and smoothness. The finger ring offers maximum security between the hand and the knife, essential in the most critical of counter-terrorism and combat tactical offensives. The forefinger and thumb grip between the thumb rise and the finger ring, and this reinforced area is key to the control of the knife. The ring and thumb rise allow tremendous force to be applied to the blade where it is needed. The handle scales are black G10, a fiberglass reinforced epoxy composite that is one of the most durable and dependable manmade handle materials on earth. The handle scales are dovetailed and locked and bedded under the bolsters, secured with heavy 304 stainless steel pins. The handle shape is comfortable and extremely secure, with deep quillons, good belly, and slope for the heel of the hand that makes the knife an extension of the arm. The tang is fully fileworked with an bold and well-defined vinework pattern for increased purchase and handmade signature. The tang is fully tapered, with plenty of thickness at the butt for a substantial stout talon (skull crusher or persuader) also applicable for non-lethal inducement. The heavy rear bolster is significantly mounted to the tang, and has an extra-large 3/8" through-tang lanyard hole for super security when working elevated or near water or in special circumstances that require insurance against dropping the knife. The large lanyard hole is chamfered and dressed smooth for abrasion reduction and is easy and fast to thread. The center of balance of the knife is exactly at the finger ring, for perfect control. The knife feels extremely solid and durable in forward grip; and in reverse grip, with the small finger threaded through the ring and the thumb over the heel with the tip at the talon, the knife feels robust and tough.
  • Sheath 1: The sheath is one of my hybrid tension-locking models, originally made for my skeletonized knives, but specially adapted to this fully bolstered and handled knife. This is a proprietary design, the best possible sheath of its type available in the world today. Actually, it is the ONLY type of this sheath available in the world today! The sheath is built of double thickness (.125" thick) kydex (methyl acrylate and polyvinyl chloride) over a welt-frame of black anodized 5052H32 corrosion resistant high strength aluminum alloy. I've meticulously anodized all of the aluminum surfaces, even through holes, of each welt component, mount, fitting, and fixture for extremely high durability, ultimate corrosion resistance, strength enhancement, and muted appearance. If you're not familiar with anodization, it's a chemo-electric process that creates a near-ceramic hard surface on the aluminum alloy, a surface that increases wear resistance tremendously, and a surface that can accept permanent dyes that are sealed in place. For my black kydex sheaths, the anodized aluminum color is black for low reflectivity and matching appearance. The sheath is bonded with waterproof cement and bolted together with all blackened 304 stainless steel Chicago screws for zero care and extreme corrosion resistance while being dark and non-reflective. The tension lock sheath comes with two pairs of belt loops (footman's loops) that are die-formed and anodized aluminum alloy. One pair is high profile for .250" x 1.5" belt sizes and the other pair is low profile for thinner .190" x 1.5" sized belts. The belt loops are able to be moved to multiple locations as well as either side of the sheath frame. On this particular knife, the belt loops have 10 different locations with multiple combinations for versatile wear. I also include heavy vertical/horizontal clamping straps in anodized aluminum that allow the sheath to be rigidly clamped to belt, webbing, PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), straps, body armor gear, and anywhere there is a need. Also included are horizontal belt loop plates, to allow the sheath to be worn horizontally along the belt line. All of the mounting assemblies are reversible, as is the spring retention for the tension-lock sheath, so the versatility of this sheath is unsurpassed. It's also completely and absolutely waterproof, for zero worry about exposure. The knife can be unsheathed by finger pressure against the spring tab, or by a hard pull in an emergency. Included are two extra titanium springs, so my client can choose the tension he desires, light, medium, or heavy, depending on the gear he mounts it to, the angle and orientation, and his personal preference for a pull-to-release tension. What a versatile package!
  • Sheath 2: This knife package also includes a basketweave pattern hand-stamped leather sheath, made of 9-10 oz. leather shoulder, dyed black and sealed. The sheath was included for quiet operations, when moving against hard objects (concrete or stone) could telegraph a position through noise. It's also useful for traditional and conventional wear options. The sheath has a double belt loop with high and low mounting positions, and the belt loop is double-stitched throughout with the toughest polyester thread that is water and sunlight resistant. The knife fits deep and secure into the sheath, with the handle exposed and the back of the sheath protecting the wearer. The sheath edges are dressed and smoothed for comfort; the entire sheath is sealed for durability and longevity.
  • Accessories: This is an example of my commitment to the entire knife experience, from design to working service, for some of the finest professional knife users in the world. Since the bolt pattern of the sheath matches my 2.5" bolt pattern for my accessories, most of my accessories can be used on this sheath, including any new ones I develop. At the request of the counterterrorism professionals, this knife comes with a full bunker of my attachment, wear, and useful accessories, including:
    Ultimate Belt Loop Extender for lowering the knife handle position to the belt line and mounting the diamond pad sharpener and the Maglite Solitaire LED
    Horizontal Belt Loop Plates (for horizontal belt or webbing wear), in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
    Flat mounting straps (for rigid clamping to webbing, belts, or gear in vertical or horizontal orientation) in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
    Sternum Harness Plus (for wearing the knife diagonally, handle down, across the sternum, with full torso reinforcement straps)
    LIMA and Solitaire (Lamp Independent Mounting Assembly with Maglite Solitaire LED emergency back up light) and blackened stainless steel mount
    HULA and MagTac (Holder, Universal, Lamp, Articulating, a fully functional main lamp with Maglite MagTac extreme intensity tactical flashlight) frame in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy, articulating mount in blackened, non-reflective stainless steel
    Lanyards (Adjustable 550 cord and SCUBA rated)
    All necessary stainless steel hardware, fittings, fasteners, and tools for mounting, moving, and adjusting, all blackened for flat, non-reflectivity
    Containers: Tin-steel storage container for loops, LIMA, and Tools, can for screws and hardware, heavy stitched embroidered canvas drawstring bag
    Archival and Instructions: Detailed Bio, Care Sheet, materials sheet with instructional video links, instructions for sharpener, Maglite MagTac and Solitaire, Archival co-extruded acrylic information plate

  • Learn much more about my Counterterrorism Knives at this link.
  • This is an extreme use, highly engineered and intelligently developed tactical combat knife and weapon, with the toughest, strongest penetrating point possible, and one of the finest tactical combat weapons made in the world today, specifically made for the world's most elite counterterrorism units. It is a great honor for me to make these knives, respecting the very ancient and most crucial relationships between weapons maker and warrior.

Thanks, J. A.!

Hey Jay:
I just opened my package and am completely blown away!!! Your craftsmanship and symmetry are incredible. Your sheath work is fantastic. Your tactical sheathes are perfect. The balance on each blade is so beautiful. Easy to translate grips and move back and forth to the sheaths.
I enjoy showing off your detailed filework. Sets each knife off for sure and shows how absolutely a perfectionist you are.
I am truly honored to own your blades. I will use them and protect them to ensure they remain ready for my next generation!
Thank you so much for your work.


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"Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, reverse side view. In UBLX (Ultimate Belt Loop Extender) note diamond sharpener in pocket, maglite solitiare, all blackened stainless steel fasteners and hardware "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, spine filework, edgework detail. Punchy vine pattern extends fully down the tapered tang for handmade distinction and improved grip potential "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, inside handle tang detail. Bolsters are large and smoothed, rounded for comfort, dovetailed to bed G10 handle to tang "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, obverse side handle detail shows fully contoured and comfortable handle with secure grip via smoothed finger ring and highly contoured handle with heavy bolsters "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, point, serration detail. This is a very hard, extremely sharp and aggressive blade with a substantial spine for supporting strength "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, obverse side blade detail. Razor keen single bevel blade in ultra-hard RC61 ATS-34 stainless steel   "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, hybrid tension-lock sheath details, anodized titanium spring lock, all blackened stainless steel fasteners, anodized aluminum components throughout "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, shown with leather sheath, obverse side view. Sheath is large and heavy leather shoulder "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, reverse side leather sheath view. Sheath is completely double-row stitched in every bond with black polyester for ultimate durability. "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, leather sheathed view. Knife rests deep and protected in sheath, high back protects wearer from talon and blade "Ari B' Lilah" Custom Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife, sheathed view in hybrid tension-locking sheath with HULA and MagTac flashlight, Maglite Solitaire LED in Ultimate Belt Loop Extender

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