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"Krag" tactical, counterterrorism, crossover knife, obverse side view in ATS-34 high molybdenum martensitic stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, coyote, black, olive G10 fiberglass/epoxy composite handle, hybrid tension tab-locking sheath in kydex, anodized aluminum, gold oxide stainless steel and anodized titanium
"Krag" Tactical Knife

Welcome to the home page of Professional Custom Knifemaker and Artist Jay Fisher


"Utamu" Custom Crossover, Survival, Tactial knife, obverse side view in T4 cryogenically treated CPM 154CM powder metal high molybdenum martensitic stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, blue/black G10 compos000ite handle, positively locking sheath of kydex, anodized aluminum, black oxide stainless steel, anodized titanium

Brand new design: "Utamu"

Hello Jay!
To start, I am blown away by your craftsmanship holding the knife in my hands! Thank you so much! It is a formidable tool and work of art.  When I held the knife the first time, the line from Crocodile Dundee, "That's not a knife. Now THIS is a knife!"  It makes every other knife I have owned seem like a sharpened piece of stock metal in comparison.  The attention to every detail, the fit of the bolsters and handle scales, the grind of the blade, all the file work; every aspect of the blade and kit shows the thought and craftsmanship that you have poured into this! It has a presence, the weight and thickness of the blade assure me it is something I can really rely on.
I'm sorry it has taken me a while to write this. It has been busy and I wanted to really look everything over and admire the knife and kit before writing you.  I already cut myself with it haha. I was not being real smart when I was testing how sharp it was and ended up underestimating how sharp it was and gave myself a minor cut puncturing a milk carton.  It is more than I even hoped for and am honored to own such a fine blade.
  Thank you so much Jay! This has made me even more excited for the other two knives that you are still working on.


Right now, you are reading the best singular knifemaker's website ever made on our planet. On this website, you will see many hundreds of defined knife terms, detailed descriptions and information on heat treating and cryogenic processing, on handles and blades, on stands and sheaths, and on knife types from hunting and utility to military, counterterrorism, and collection. You can learn about food contact safety and chef's knives, you can find out what bolster or fitting material is best for each application and why. You can lean about caring for a knife, you can see the very largest knife patterns page in history, with many hundreds of actual knife patterns and photos of completed works. You'll also be able to see thousands and thousands of photos of knives, knifemaking, processes, and creations, with many hundreds of pages of appropriate, meaningful text. You might want to know why a knife blade is springy, you might want to know why a hollow grind can last longer than a flat grind. You might want to learn about some pitfalls of the tradecraft, and you might even want to have a chuckle about funny and strange email requests.

You'll find all that here, on JayFisher.com, and you won't find it anywhere else!

Welcome! Quick Facts: The best individual knife maker's site you will find on the Internet!
What this website is about and how to use it
First year of this site on the Internet: 1996: 28 years on the web
Number of active pages on this website: 710 pages, packed with pictures and great information!
Number of pictures and images on this website: Now over 15,000 photos! (includes thumbnails and restricted pages)
Notable Milestone! There are now over 525 individual custom knife patterns on my patterns page, the largest in history!
My first knife made in: 1979 (45 years experience)
Full time professional knifemaker since: 1988 (full time for 36 years!) This is my my real job, and my career!
Interesting thing you probably do not know about me: I have a piece in the Tower of London, the only American who does.
Another interesting thing you probably do not know about me: I make more real gemstone handled knives than any other single knifemaker in the world, and in history!
I am committed to making completely and clearly the best knives in the world.

--Jay Fisher


Who is Jay Fisher?

My Bio and Background Here
An Artist

Tom Clancy is a name that many recognize. Tom was a friend and patron of mine, a great guy who was extremely well-versed in military history and process, and one of the greatest authors who ever lived. While the younger generation may recognize his name in the gaming and simulator field, his mastery of words, ideas, and literature was the absolute pinnacle of his genre. He wrote about many of the world's cold war and post-cold war military hardware, and I was hugely honored to have my work in his home, in his library, and as the inspiration for charitable causes. It is because of Tom that I have a piece in the Tower of London, perhaps the finest weapons museum in the world. In 1994, this is what he wrote about me and my work:

"You know, I never believed in decorous weapons until I met Jay Fisher. Where does one draw the line between a fighting knife and a work of art?

Jay Fisher is a throwback to the age when craftsmen were *all* artists, not mere producers of products, when every item that went out the door had a story and a purpose all its own, and when you went to a craftsman not because of what you wanted but because of who he was.

Jay is a guy who knows how to use the modern to serve the past. We really do make better steel today than we did a hundred years ago - the idea of cutting an ancient Samurai sword in two with a modern American knife does have its attractions - and the blend of old and new in his work is totally seamless. A knight Templar would not have hesitated a moment to take Fisher's steel on his Holy Quest. In fact, he would have thought the technological edge a gift from an especially attentive God.

I suppose that says it all. Jay Fisher is one of a kind, a man who knows the riddle of steel, and that the difference between a good weapon and a bad one is the combination of how you make it and to whom you give it."

--Tom Clancy

United States Air Force Pararescuemen and SERE professionals and Jay Fisher
A Maker of Military Edged Weapons and Tools

"Jay Fisher is the best modern knife maker around, pursuing an ancient tradition but beautifully perfecting the craft by selecting the finest man-made and natural materials. Jay Fisher makes every type of edged steel weapon, fitting the blade to it’s purpose. The world’s elite clandestine rescue and tactical squads seek his weapons. Their lives depend on Jay Fisher Custom Knives- the best quality knives in the world."

--Bernardo M. Perez
Deputy Assistant Director - Ret.
FBI Laboratory
Washington, D.C.

Jay Fisher with fine handmade sword blade in Sharp Instinct Studio
A Fine Craftsman

Named "The Best Living Knife Maker" in the 2007 Best of the West Sourcebook by True West Publications

"Many fine knifemakers exist in the world. Some Excel at making weapons, others at creating art. At his Sharp Instinct Studio in Clovis, New Mexico, Jay Fisher does both. In the blade business since 1988, Fisher makes knives, many featuring gemstone handles, for collectors, museums and people who really know how to use 'em (101st Airborne, Special Forces, USAF Pararescue)."

--from the 2007 Best of the West magazine

More information about Jay Fisher

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