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"Concordia and Talitha" fine handmade chef's knives, in stand view, in T3 cryogenically treated CPM154CM high molybdenum powder metal technology stainless steel blades, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Deschutes Jasper gemstone handles, stand of cherry hardwood, Deschutes Jasper gemstone, Delicatus Gold Granite
"Concordia and Talitha" Chef's Set

The Writer

"God wove a web of loveliness, of clouds and stars and birds, but made not anything at all so beautiful as words."

–Anna Hempstead Branch

I figured out what it is about your writing. It punches you in the gut, shoves you face-first right into the action. It’s exhilarating. This is so not like anything I normally read, but I can’t wait to read more!

--Naomi Shank

As you've no doubt looked over this website, perused the pictures and read the words, you've probably come to realize that I'm a writer. What is in a person that classifies himself as a writer? It's someone who can not stop writing, can not forego writing, cannot not write. Some call it an addiction, some a curse, some a blessing. I think it's a gift from God, and I'm determined to honor it.

Since I was a child, I've written. Short stories, poems, letters, descriptions: I've painted with words. It's all part of this making thing. While the knife maker creates knives with steel and wood and stone and leathers, the writer creates entire universes with only words. When my grandchildren ask me what is the most important subject to master in school, I tell them it's English. If they can't effectively communicate, all the other subjects won't matter. Please take a moment to think about that with your own family.

A very famous author (Tom Clancy) once asked me, "Why are you making knives when you can write like this?" I told him, I'm determined to do both, but as I get older, I'll write more and make knives less, because aging will certainly take its toll on my joints, frame, and muscles. But, for as long as I possibly can, I'll do both!

I've got several works in the mill.

Available: Imaginary Spaces is a complete novel that I started the late 1990s, but unpublished, except on this website. Currently, I'm making this novel available by request. I'm trying this to gauge the interest, prior to publishing, either in traditional publishing, by eBook, or by narration: all captivating ideas.

New! Request a full reading of this novel. Learn more including excerpts here.
Note: the language and scenes may not be appropriate for youth or the sensitive.

Agents, publicists: If  you are a literary agent, please note that my last agent has now passed away, leaving a highly desirable spot open in my framework of professional henchmen and accomplices. Email me if you think you can leave scars on the stream of literary history. I'll furnish the edged weapons to do just that!

In the works: I'm writing a novel titled The Knife Maker, a physics techno-thriller, not a book on how to make knives

 In the works: I'm writing a nonfiction book on modern knives and the modern artist and craftsman.

I'm very excited about the future, both in my nonfiction and fiction works. I would be honored if you take a few moments and read some excerpts from my current works:

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