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"Sirona" extremely fine chef's knife in T3 cryogenically treated CPM154CM high molybdenum powder metal stianless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Geodic Agate gemstone  handle, stand of ebonized maple hardwood, Geodic Agate, 304 stainless steel, and Blanco Perla Spanish granite
Sirona Chef's Knife with Geodic Agate Gemstone Handle

New Materials

For knife blades, handles, sheaths, cases, and display stands

Please note: I do not sell material; quite the opposite, I purchase rare and unusual materials to use in my knife creation projects. If you have materials that are rare and durable, I may be interested in purchasing or trading for them!


I continually acquire new materials for knives. I'm always on the lookout for gemstone, exotic and domestic woods, sheath material and exotic skins, knife blade, stand, and knife case material. From time to time, I try to come up with new and exciting items for use in my projects, and available for use in custom knives for my clients. Some materials are more conventional, but all are beautiful and interesting in their own way. That is one of the most exciting things about this career, and I love to share my fascination of these materials with my clients and knife aficionados.

Malachite Gemstone rough, before slabbing
Rough Malachite Gemstone

If you have or know of sources for rare and exotic materials, either domestic or imported, please don't hesitate to contact me! I've been known to trade money toward knives and art projects for a client's investment of unique materials, sometimes complete knives can be trade for really special stuff.

I'll update this list when I receive new materials, but that doesn't guarantee that I'll have enough for every particular request. Just like with the rest of my material supply and inventory, we'll have to go on a case by case basis.

Some of the materials have pictures available of either similar pieces of the same type of material, or the material itself. They are linked in blue to those pictures. Of course, if the material is already on a finished knife, the new bulk material may vary in appearance.

Finished Malachite gemstone on knife handle
Finished and Polished Congo Malachite Gemstone Knife Handle

These are by no means the complete inventory of what I have available, just the latest in acquisitions. I literally have hundreds of gemstone, wood, and metallic materials on hand ready for custom and inventory projects. Please do contact me if you want more information on using any of these or any other materials for your custom knife projects you would like me to create for you!

Turquoise rough from Cananea, Mexico
Turquoise rough from Cananea, Mexico

Metals for Blades and Fittings Gemstones for Handles Woods for Handles, Stands Manmade Materials and Exotic Skins, Leathers
Various Stainless damascus Bulico Jasper Apple Burgundy Tough Ceramic
Mokume gane (copper, nickel silver, silver) Munjina Pecan Light Gray Tough Ceramic
  Brown Zebra Jasper Cherry Blue Tough Ceramic
  Lightning Jasper Gaboon Ebony Ray skin: red, blue, black, natural, brown, tan
  Wavy Australian Tiger Iron Lignum Vitae Elephant hide
  Dalmatian Jasper Black Palm Wood, highly figured Brown Lizard skins
Kambaba Jasper Olive, Figured Black caiman skins
  Brazilian Agate Madagascar Rosewood Black alligator skins
  Purple Turkish Jade Osage Orange (Bois'de arc) Shark Skin
Horse Canyon Plume Agate River Gum Burl Eucalyptus Ostrich, emu legs and skins
Caprock Petrified Wood Big Leaf Maple Burl Frog Skins
Dover Flint Mora Python skin
Atlantisite (magnesium chromate) Black and White Ebony  
  Red/White African Brecciated Agate Royal Ebony  
  Ruby in Fuschite (India) Jobillo  
  Moss Agate from Texas Pink Ivory  
    Coolibah Eucalyptus Burl  
    Quilted/Curly Eucalyptus  
    Red Gum Burl  
    Spalted Tamarind  
    Quebracho (Argentina)  

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