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"Concordia and Talitha" fine handmade chef's knives, in stand view, in T3 cryogenically treated CPM154CM high molybdenum powder metal technology stainless steel blades, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Deschutes Jasper gemstone handles, stand of cherry hardwood, Deschutes Jasper gemstone, Delicatus Gold Granite
"Concordia and Talitha" Chef's Set

The Finest Knives and You

The New Paradigm of the Finest Handmade Knives

I invite you into my world, where knives are not simply blades and handles, but creations of elegant style, function, and variety. This is an extraordinary world; the chances are rare that you know someone else in this world, for in the thousands of people you meet in your lifetime, very few know of this tradition: the world of the finest knives.

It is a world of wonder, a world of graceful lines, impeccable finish, and sometimes otherworldly inspiration. It is a world that starts deep inside the human experience, is grounded in history, and is personal for every person on the planet. It is unique, profound, and exciting. I am thankful every day that I can rise and create and contribute to a part of this world of the finest, best made, and paradigm-breaking knives in modern times.

I am committed to making completely and clearly the best knives in the world.

--Jay Fisher


"Kotori" in ATS-34 high molybdenum stainless steel blade, hand-engraveds 304 stainless steel bolsters, Carnival Lace Agate gemstone handle, hand-carved, hand-dyed leather sheath
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You Have the Right to a Fine Knife

If you are reading this, the chances are very good that you reside in the United States of America. Though this website has substantial traffic from all over the world, most of it is in the USA. In the USA, you have the right to own a fine knife, and many knives, the finest knives you can possibly acquire. You have the right to build a collection, pass the passions for knives to your heirs, and share the ideals and creations with others. Most countries in the world allow you to have the finest knives, the best knives, and individually styled, handmade, and created knife works. This is something that here in the USA that our ancestors, our forefathers, and even our sons and daughters have fought and continue to fight to preserve: our rights and freedoms. Please join me for a moment to consider and thank those who have given their life, their treasure, and their own time, passion, and heart to help keep the world free. Thank also our allies from other countries that embrace free men.

I am thankful that I live in a country that has initiative and originality as the backbone of strength. Our American ingenuity is the flagship for all other countries in the world, and we can be very proud of how this pair of ideals: ingenuity and freedom, have brought us to the world and life we enjoy.

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"Domovoi", obverse side view in ATS-34 high molybdenum stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steeel bolsters, African dumortierite gemstone handle, hand-carved, tooled, hand-dyed leather sheath
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The Life-Changing Impact of Fine Knives

Can the finest knife change your life? The finest knives have certainly changed my life, but what about all of my clients, and the clients of other knife makers making the very best? I believe that fine knives can change your life. At the very least, they will expand and deepen your reality about knives, in knowledge, appreciation, and use. When a knife is extremely well made, it is not merely a pleasure to use; it can be a unique and novel experience. Cutting can be achieved with smoothness and accuracy, the handle can form in your hand like an extension of self. For those of you who rely upon the best combat and rescue knives made in the world, the presence of the knife can be assurance that you have a trusted friend at your side, ready for response at the instance, one who can not misfire, has no mechanisms to fail, and is substantial and driven simply by your own hand. For the collectors and users who don't rely upon a knife for defense, combat, and rescue, you can trust that the experience of making the finest combat knives will translate to the reputation and ability to make knives that are not simple jewelry, visual, or a list of exotic materials. In my studio, I first make knives to work, doing the hardest, toughest, and most brutal jobs there are, and then bring that experience to refinement and high art. This melding of trustworthy, substantial, and meaningful designs and proven performance with creative, artistic, and embellished flair offers the best. The high point of this passion is when the knife is in the hands of the person who has the right to own the knife, and applies it toward his own life changing events, whether collection or use.

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Blade of "PJLT" United States Air Force Pararescue "Parajumper Light" Combat Search and Rescue Professional knife
More about Pararescue Knives

Breakthroughs: Striking and Substantial Differences

What constitutes the differences in knives that mean a breakthrough for you? In my knives and art, the first breakthroughs are the blades. While many working, tactical, and collector's knives are made of inferior steels, plain carbon steels like (AISI, SAE) 1095, 1075, 1025, and carbon steel damascus, nearly all of the blades I create are made of substantially harder, tougher, stronger, and better steels. Quite simply put, I make knives from the finest modern engineered tool steels created, using the finest modern hand processes. These are tool steels, not just plain carbon steels, used in the most demanding industrial, military, and medical applications. Compared to most knives, they excel in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength by many times. How this occurs for my clients is an astounding difference in cutting edge sharpness toughness, finish, blade life, durability, and value. Another breakthrough is the geometry of extremely well-executed hand grinds. You'll experience knives that are more useable, sharpenable, workable and longer-lived than lesser knives. The intial breakthrough most of my clients and patrons notice when the knife reaches their hands is the feel. An exceptionally fine, well-made knife with a contoured, engineered, balanced, and comfortable handle belongs in your hand. You can't wait to hold it and apply it to a cutting chore that before you might have found tedious. A finely made knife is a pleasure to hold and use. Beyond these breakthroughs are others that few consider and I invite you to explore with me as I create. These are the sheaths, stands, cases, and accessories to the modern fine knife. While you may have once considered these as an afterthought, please know that I regard them as part of the knife, just as important, just as finely make, useful, durable, and valuable. You can trust that the sheath, case, or stand your weapon, tool, or work of art rests in or is worn in is the finest made anywhere. Even the embellishment is a breakthrough; I routinely hand-engrave high chromium, high nickel austenitic stainless steels chosen for their extreme corrosion resistance and durability, to free my knife patrons from the frustration and worry of having to oil, wax, and baby their knives against rust. I've proven that timeless gemstone handled knives deserve their place in the modern knife culture, as well as exotic woods, skins, and other unique materials. These are all breakthroughs  that you deserve when you shatter dated and lesser efforts and invest in the finest.

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"Thuban" obverse side view in ATS-34 high molybdenum stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, brecciated jasper gemstone handle, lizard skin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
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The Forensic, Scientific, and Modern Approach

I do not take a casual approach to designing, creating, and building your extremely fine knife; I use specific, studied, and concise methods. For instance, the steels I use must be handled in laboratory-like procedures and environments to yield their highest potential of durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, so I heat treat in rapid ramp, evacuated, inert gas atmosphere, controlled environment ovens. Finishes are not simply buffed into or sanded on the steel surface; every grind is accurate and concise, from roughing in through control grinds and all the way to mirror polish. Bolsters and fittings are accurately machined and hand-ground to precision, mounts are zero-clearance with no tapered pins, fixtures, or variable adjustment. Bonds and bedding are chemically clean and solid, handle materials are tested and proven before they make the cut. Balance is precise, edges are fine and accurate, sheaths, stands, and cases are crisp, clean, and refined. From the copyright-registered designs with recorded provenance to the microscopic accuracy of the cutting edge, these are steps that are worthy of the finest knives. You could say I take a forensic, laboratory-grade approach to creating your knife.

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"Aeolus" in 440C high chromium stainless steel cross-blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Labradorite gemstone handle, stand of peach, American black walnut, 304 stainless steel, Baltic brown granite, engraved brass
More about Aeolus

The Re-engineered, Refined, and Modern Knife

While the knife is a form that has been part of humanity for all human time, I strive to re-engineer this form into an instrument that has not been seen before, constantly making improvements both substantial and detailed. You can see the results of that on my patterns page, where over 500 distinct and original patterns exhibit my commitment to this form and your knife. While some recognized standards are honored there, I guarantee that you will see knives on the page that you have never yet considered, but can relate to in your own knife interest or use. This is thanks to a true custom, long term, consumer-driven approach to making the very knives my clients request. I've also been able to engineer, refine, and specifically tune and apply new concepts to the locking sheath, the best locking sheath made on this planet, and carry new and exciting concepts through the display stands and cases, including worthwhile and useful durably-made accessories. These are refined forms, designs, and creations, and have never before existed in history. This is why they are copyrighted and registered in our Library of Congress. It is humbling to know these along with all of the content of this website and my writing will be recorded for generations after I'm gone, and these forms and devices are not just casual objects, but engineered and refined works of art.

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"Saussure" Master Chef's Knife in working, display stand. American Black Walnut is contoured, hand-finished in oils an waxes for a natural look.
More about Saussure

New Expectations in Handmade Knives

I strive to create and offer, with the support and patronage of my clients, the very best of fine handmade custom knives. These new knives have bold patterns, extremely modern and highly refined materials in the blades, fittings, handles and accessories. My clients expect extremely high-longevity investment-grade weapons, tools, and art: pieces that work with their environment rather than having to be protected from it. These are my standards, my normal way of making knives: unique and yet classic are the gemstone handles, which will well outlast the blade, and are the ultimate organic knife handle material. I am convinced that these are the finest in sheaths for military combat, rescue, and defense: positively locking, waterproof, and extremely durable. The expectations for leather sheaths are the finest exotic inlays, meticulous hand-carving and tooling, detailed hand-dying, in the thickest, most durable leathers and hides. Display stands and cases continue to be sculptural works of art made to the same standards and accuracy as the knives. The new standards for presentation and record are right here on this very website, with over 400 pages and thousands of pictures of knives, history, designs, details, information, and record. Here and in my studio lives the creation of the finest, not simply the cheapest.

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"Vespula" reverse side view: 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Australian Black Jade gemstone handle, Ostrich leg skin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about Vespula

True Custom Knives, Swords, and Art

I am honored and grateful to be one of the few makers on the planet that respects and routinely creates true custom work: knives made to order, by design, by inspiration through the original and unique perspective of my clients. With a long-time background of working with thousands of different people, concepts, ideas, and inspiration over the last three decades, I value my client's input; and they value my perspective based on refinement and experience making knives for decades. You can see what we do together by enjoying the thousands of photographs of knives I've made on this very site. For the ultimate experience, I invite you to be a client as well, because if you are reading this, your interest in knives is more than casual and you probably have an interest that I have too!

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"Lycaon" handmade custom broadsword, mounted view  in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, cast bronze fittings, guayabillo hardwood and nephrite jade gemstone handle, obsidian pommel, lauan hardwood scabbard with cast bronze chape, display board of ebonized red oak, steel, black suede, American Black Walnut, engraved black lacquered brass
More about Lycaon

Extraordinary and Wow!

These are words that I often hear about my knives, and the knives I create with my sons in collaboration in the studio, and I'm honored and humbled every time I hear them. This is the highest reward I can receive for my dedication, efforts, and experience in this professional field, and I can not say thank you enough. Thanks to all of my patrons, my family, and all those who offer their support and encouragement. I will always strive and do my best to create extraordinary works and make you say "wow" when you see, hold, and use them. Art is not objective, subjective, or indiscriminate. It is interactive. You are invited to interact today.

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"Aegir" knife sculpture in mirror polished, hot blued O1 high carbon tungsten-vanadium alloy tool steel blade, blued steel bolsters, 14kt gold bezels, peridot gemstones, Nebula stone gemstone handle, stand of cast bronze, white Carribean coral, Venetian gold granite with garnets
More about Aegir
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