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"Raptor" obverse side view in CPM154CM powder metal technology high molybdenum stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Peruvian Lapis Lazuli gemstone handle, hand-carved leather sheath inlaid with Caiman skin
"Raptor" with Peruvian Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Handle

Knife Client's News

"Bordeaux" professional slicing knife, obverse side view in T3 deep cryogenically treated 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Night Leopard Agate gemstone handle
Something to admire: Bordeaux

This page is for my existing knife clients, news and information about your knives, purchases and orders.

  • IMPORTANT! If you are an existing client waiting on a knife and have changed your address, telephone number, email or other contact information, you must let me know! Otherwise, when I've completed your project and I can't reach you, I'll have to sell your project to the public!
  • Page Not Found errors: If you've had one of my pages listed in your favorites of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc., or if you are coming to the site from a link I sent you, and are receiving "Page Not Found" errors, please contact me at jayfisher@jayfisher.com and let me know. It's a big website and sometimes my uploads get interrupted due to the length of time it takes.
  •  You can get anywhere on the site, starting with my Home Page or my Table of Contents page.
  • Long term knife care: For all of my clients: Please be sure and keep those knives clean and stored in a dry place, and NOT in the sheath. I talk about that in great length on my knife care page here. Here's a clip from an email I sent to a client detailing how to care, long term, for his knives:
    These stainless steels have carbon in them and are NOT stain or corrosion proof, only corrosion resistant. They need access to dry air, and need waxed occasionally; a light coating of Renaissance wax is perfect for display pieces. Don't leave fingerprints on them, even dry ones, especially long term (there are acids in hands and fingers). Don't store them in the sheath! And if you put them in a case, desiccant is always a good idea, and always occasional waxing. Wax what you've got right away with Renaissance Wax available through numerous suppliers online. One 200 ml can will last you the rest of your life, as you only put a tiny bit on. Rub out with an old cotton tee shirt (a clean and dry one that has not been washed with fabric softener).
  • Knife storage and display: I often wonder how you've stored your custom knives. Are they in a safe, a drawer, or a box? It's always interesting to me to find out how a few knives become a collection and then a client has to have a place to put them, hopefully where he can enjoy them. Some of the storage ideas in action are: credenzas, china cabinets, glass-topped coffee tables, and safes. A very neat idea is a locking mechanics tool drawer cabinet. These cabinets are getting better made and less expensive every year, they now have stainless steel models that offer some worthwhile security. If you want to go for a wood look, perhaps a wooden carpenter's tool cabinet would look great, with lined drawer bottoms and made from hardwoods, this would be a great way to store your custom knives and sheaths. Give me your ideas if you like and I'll post them for others.
  • Your knives and their value: If you've bought knives from me, you probably realize that your knives are worth more today than when you bought them, in some cases several times more! This is because popularity of my work continues to grow, and I know that is because of you, my knife clients. Sure, I'm always trying to improve on every knife or project, but I could do none of this without your patronage and support. Thank you!
  • Pictures on this website and your monitor: As I continuously update the site, I'm trying to go to a larger picture format overall. I've received some great feedback about the larger pictures, and since most users are going to larger monitors, it makes more sense to have big, clear photos. I'll get some comments about having to scroll around to see the pictures from people who have smaller monitors, but the hard truth is most of my clients have substantial monitors and prefer large, clear photos, and you are who this site is made for. I'm taking some time to update and enlarge the older knife photos too. Some of these were put on the site back in the mid-1990s when the internet was in its infancy, and bandwidth and download times were critical, so the pictures were kept small. If I have larger images, I'll put them up.
  • Order times: As you've probably noticed, my order times have increased. Some are questioning whether or not to order a new knife or to wait for the possibility that one that interests them may come up for sale in my regular new inventory. They might think that perhaps orders and interest will taper off, and then would be a better time to order. New orders are continuing to come in, and the order list remains significant, with quotes for new sole authorship knives and knife consultations. I can't make any predictions, and I won't give specific advice, but will do my best to keep making knives!
  • Knife sales policy: On inventory knives, I guarantee your satisfaction upon receipt. Please click here to see the complete details.
  • Shipping: I ship strictly by FedEx. Shipping page here. FedEx has been very good, with zero problems, even on international shipments. With FedEx, you get on time delivery, tracked from point to point, and full insurance and you can even schedule a delivery to suit your own schedule! This is, simply the best way to ship and you deserve that.
  • IMPORTANT! If you are an existing client waiting on a knife and have changed your address, telephone number, email or other contact information, you must let me know! Otherwise, when I've completed your project and I can't reach you, I'll have to sell your project to the public! I've had to chase a couple clients over the continent with expensive certified letters and unanswered emails, getting disconnected telephones and bad addresses. Please, please, keep me updated!
  • Knife Storage, long term. Please avoid the soft, puffy perforated shelf liners when storing your knives long term. I've seen this plastic stuff outgas and stain even the acrylic coated aluminum belt loops on my military and combat knife sheaths! The best material to lay the knives and sheaths on is cotton or felt, clean and dry.
  •  I stopped sending copies of my bio, care sheet, cover sheet, and detailed military care sheet if you have ordered from me before. I realized that some of my clients have many copies of this material, and do not need more. If you are a client and want any of the sheets and inclusions, let me know and I'll get them to you.
  • Be sure to check the Publications page periodically; your knife may be featured in print in one of the many publications that feature my work. It would be a good idea to have a copy or two of these stored with the knife, to accompany your investment and provenance.
  • Please let me know if you have any comments, or would like me to add any information or topics here. Thanks for your input!
"Patriot" obverse side view in CPM154CM high molybdenum powder metal technology martensitic stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Golden Midnight Agate gemstone handle, hand-dyed engraved leather sheath
More about this "Patriot"

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